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James Coleman- A name synonymous with sweeping skies, tropical rainforest, rich deep woods and silent desert. A master of color, light and design, James Coleman has become one of the most collected and sought after artist around the world. The Contribution made by James Coleman to the world of art of some 30 years, both in film and fine art, makes him one of the most collected artists in contemporary art.
Phillip Anthony- Painting in black and white Phillip Anthony has created a new timeless and universal element to the art world. Working mainly in oil, the combination of detail, value, and style has made him an innovator of a new genre of painting, “Monochromatic Refexionism”
Nano Lopez - Look closely at Nano's sculpture and you will discover the bright colors of a Colombian market place, animals precariously laden with pots, fruits, vegetables, birds, bees, geckos, Pre-Colombian and contemporary artifacts. Look closer still and discover a deep respect for life, clearly observed, where everything, even a mischievous goat balanced on a pile of cast away tires is amazing. Nano Lopez is an artist gifted with the rare ability to see the world as a child sees it, with exploration, wonder, and creativity. He is deeply fascinated by the sometimes troubling mysteries of life and its inherent struggles.

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